Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Podcast #11: The Chicks at the Chick (fil-a)

In this podcast, the tech chicks share several resources at their local chick-fil-a restaurant. They share that CIO's need to keep in mind that if they don't keep technology in their implementations, that their programs will not succeed. The tech chicks also share how this is very similar and parallels to technology and education in general. If you (teachers and leaders) do not implement these new changes and practice what is new, then the small steps will never be taken for improvement. The tech chicks also talk about how like technology, teaching can be frustrating and lessons do not always go the way that teachers anticipate. This is a very good comparison to make because it is very true. The tech chicks describe that just because you do not understand something right away, doesn't mean that you as a student or teacher need to give up. It was helpful and inspiring, with all of the end of the year craziness going on, to hear these words or wisdom and keep pushing through to learn more not only about technology, but about teaching in general. These women do a great job of sharing their insights about teaching and learning, and also finding ways to make it relevant for future teachers.

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