Monday, May 2, 2011


I knew that I wanted to be an educator my sophomore year of high school. I went with my high school class to an inner-city day care and worked with some kids on their school work and played with them at recess. At the end of the day, the little girls hugged me so tightly and said "You are my bestest friend". I knew after that day that I needed to work with kids and felt very much called to do so. As I have continued my education at Kansas State University, I have chosen to concentrate in English as a Second Language. I have never felt so at home or motivated to work on my future as I have in Block A. I am certain that education is what I want to do with my life. I am, however struggling with certain areas of my career choice. I am worried that number one, my content expertise in math and science is not strong enough to be a sufficient teacher. I also am worried that I will want to care a little too much about students, and therefore not have all of my attention and focus on the curriculum. 

In three to five years, I see myself in Kansas City, Kansas. Teaching second graders and coaching Bishop Miege volleyball. In order to do so, I need to continue to work hard in my blocks, gain more hours of experience in the classroom. I also need to work on my lesson planning and implementation. 
In a new software implementation, I would make sure to practice and read as much about it as possible. I can also view tutorials online and make sure that I have mastered the software enough to help my fellow colleagues out in their learning of the software. 
The more that I learn Response to Intervention and Assistance technology, I think that technology in the classroom is necessary. iPads have several programs for autistic children all over the spectrum. These programs can allow students with mental and physical disabilities to participate in the general education classroom and associate school with an accepting and warm environment.

By pointing out how much this technology can help students in the classroom is how I would allow my fellow faculty members to implement it in their classrooms.

In my classroom, I plan on implementing Animoto, Glogster, and blogs. This will allow for students of all ages to use a creative outlet and find ways to make assignments and lessons more fun in the classroom. This can also be a great way for students to work collaboratively and creatively in the classroom.

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