Monday, May 2, 2011

Semester Favorites

When I think about my semester favorites, two specific things come to mind. Glogster and animoto. These two resources were extremely helpful in making creative and fun projects. Before educational technology class, I was very unsure about my abilities as a technology educator and student. In today's times, technology is changing so much and so rapidly that I felt very overwhelmed to start out this whole course. With animoto and Glogster, two of the resources which came in at the beginning and at the end of the semester. I found these two resources not only extremely easy to use, but also a wonderful creative outlet for pre-service educators like myself, but also for young students in my future classrooms. I used an animoto video (see below) in my micro-teaching lesson to incorporate the importance of adjectives in a third grade language-arts lesson. This was such a great spark plug for my student's brains to get going, rather than having written objectives up on the board. This was also a great way for myself as a teacher to get my creative juices flowing and allow for some time for me to get my thoughts together. The Glogster seemed very intimidating to me at first when I learned how much we needed to put on it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was very easy to use, and would also be easy for young students, even first or second graders to use this resource as a creative way to do a research based project. This could also be a great template for teachers to start a lesson by sharing pictures, videos, and resources for students to explore. This seems so much more exciting for students rather than opening a book and reading content objectives from a chapter book. 

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